Who we are
What we deliver

What we deliver

Every year up to 15.000 implants are made in ECDI clinics. Our doctors dynamically communicate with each other and combine their knowledge in first-class craftsmanship that makes use of the latest research in the field.

For the highest possible transparency, ECDI’s key performance indicators are legally assessed and published.

Excellence, Transparency,

The »European Centres for Dental Implantology« is the association of leading implantology dentists in Europe.

Who we are

All of ECDI’s clinics combine certified quality and the expertise of the most up-to-date implantology dentists in Germany and Europe.

Technology-driven implantology is at the heart of our work, as well as close cooperation with our patients and partners. Our knowledgeable service and customer care is centred on personal needs and preferences and high-quality craftsmanship is an essential part of our profile.

Currently 17 clinics in Germany and selected medical centres in Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Luxemburg, Denmark, Lithuania, Iceland, Hungary, Croatia and Greece fulfil the criteria for our ECDI quality certificate.

Our guarantee

Our guarantee

ECDI centres guarantee excellence, competence and many years of experience. The following criteria qualify clinics for the ECDI certificate:

  • A minimum of 15 years of activity by doctors and dentists
  • A minimum of 3.000 placed implants
  • State-of-the-art surgery work
  • Provision of implantological and surgical treatment and complete surgical treatment
  • Application of a central documentation and controlling system
  • Application of a quality management system
  • Commitment to transparency and notarial assessment of implantation data
  • Commitment to compliance and scientifically proven therapy
  • Consent to publication of implantation numbers and therapy results for research purposes and use in scientific publications
  • Execution of structural contracts for ambulant surgery
  • Activity as evaluator
  • Certificate as consultant for scientific society and/or chamber