Praxis Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Jakobs und Dr. Elke Plein-Jakobs

15, rue Jean-Pierre Sauvage
L-2514 Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 2668 3666
Fax.: +352 2668 3667

Mail: drjakobs@pt.lu

ECDI Centre Luxemburg

Praxis Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Jakobs and Dr. Elke Plein-Jakobs

With a centre in Luxemburg, the ECDI clinics are also present in the heart of Europe. The practice of Dr. Elke Plein-Jakobs and Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Jakobs is located in the northeast of the city, close to the centre on the Kirchberg.

Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Jakobs is a doctor and specialist for oral surgery focusing on implantology and dental anaesthesia. Dr. med. dent. Elke Plein-Jakobs is a specialist for maxillary surgery and focuses on the treatment of children and adults, and on aesthetic dentistry.

The service portfolio of the ECDI centre includes full implantological care – planning, surgery, prosthetics and post-operative care – and surgical services with referral via a general practitioner.

Both doctors also run the ECDI centre in Speicher in the Eifel, a private clinic for dental implantology and aesthetic dentistry, with which the centre in Luxemburg cooperates.