Implantatzentrum Münster

Schorlemerstraße 16
48143 Münster

Tel.: (02 51) 5 51 55
Fax.: (02 51) 51 89 45

Mail: info@implantatzentrum.de
Web: implantatzentrum.de

ECDI Zentrum Münster

Implantatzentrum Münster

Since 1986 the Implant Centre of Dr. Bernhard Drüke, Dr. Stefan Reinhardt, Dr. Josef Janzen and Dr. Andreas Broschk has been located in the centre of Münster, next to the main train station and Ludgeriplatz.

In our ECDI centre our team of oral surgeons and certified implantologists with longstanding experience offer a comprehensive treatment portfolio covering all dentistry and orthodontics, as well as full implantological care – ranging from planning with digital volume tomography to surgical procedures, prosthetics and post-operative care. If needed, we offer exclusively surgical services with referral form a general practitioner.