Vilnius Implantology Center

Polocko str. 21/1
01205 Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 276 0725
Fax.: +370 5 276 0725

Mail: info@vicklinika.lt

Web: vicklinika.lt

ECDI Centre Vilnius

Vilnius Implantology Centre

The first ECDI centre in the Baltic States is located in the Lithuanian capital, close to the main train station. The centre is eight kilometres from the international airport.

The team at our clinic includes three specialists with longstanding experience: Algirdas Puišys is a specialist for implantology and periodontology, while Simonas Grybauskas focuses on maxillary surgical indication and reconstructive surgery. He specialises in the treatment of injuries in the oral, jaw and facial area, and implantology and bone grafting of the jaw. Tomas Linkevičius specialises in dental prosthetics and has a license to treat complex cases.