ECDI study: dental implants ensure quality of life

An ECDI long-term study led by Privatdozent Dr. Hans-Joachim Nickenig shows that tooth implants increase the quality of life when compared to conventional prosthetics.

Each year around 15.000 implant patients were surveyed using the standardised internationally recognised OHIP (Ā»Oral Health Impact ProfileĀ«). This included documentation of the subjective course of treatment before, during and after the implantation phase.

Earlier studies came to the same positive conclusion, but were not conducted under generally representative parameters. They only focused on the contentment of patients that had been completely toothless.


Our contribution to science

ECDI study: early loss of tooth implants

The ongoing study of the loss rate of tooth implants stands out from similar studies thanks to the sheer amount of data: 15.000 patients participate each year, making the study the most comprehensive documentation of the early loss of implants.